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Grip Enhancements for Polymer Frame Handguns

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Sand Paper Pistol Grips - Grip Tape for Guns - Rubber Grips for Guns - Decal Grips for Guns - Tactical Grip Enhancements for Glock, Smith and Wesson, Colt 1911 & 1911 Clones. Made In Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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"These are the best grips you'll ever find fer yer pistol!"
Our Grips Provide:
Sand Paper Pistol Grips manufactures custom Raw 80 Grit granulate, Black Textured RubberGusGrips MAX-R Rubber, and our new and exclusive SRG70 peel-n-stick decal style grip enhancements for Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P, Ruger, Taurus and Colt 1911, 1911 clones, and many more.  New brand and model selections are added regularly.  Click the Products or  Images tabs above to see if your handgun is listed or to view images of a wide array of handguns with grip enhancements installed.
Our tactical Raw 80 Grit grip tape enhancements are not actually sandpaper. They are grip tape for guns, which is 80 grit silicon carbide bonded to a light, thin and very durable, self adhesive peel-and-stick plastic backing.  They will greatly improve the feel of your polymer frame handgun and give it an almost magnetic grip.
      What's Amazing Is That Such A Light and Thin Material  Can Produce Such A Dramatic Difference!
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Our Custom Manufactured Laser-Cut Grip Enhancements Will Give You Unparalleled Control And Confidence With Your Polymer Framed Handgun In Any Situation

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