SRG70 Grip Enhancement Material - New and Exclusive!

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Sand-Paper-Pistol-Grips' newest and best product for polymer framed handgun grip enhancements is our exclusive "SRG70" gripping material. SRG70 stands for "Super Rubberized Grit, 70 Durometers". Over two years of research and development, experimentation, trial and error, and several chemical combinations have gone into the development of SRG70. The result is that we have finally developed a product only dreamed about by our customers (and us). SRG70 is the most advanced peel-and-stick, self-adhesive, decal-style gripping material that surpasses anything currently available for polymer framed handguns, bar none. What SRG70 does for your handgun's feel and handling is what lasers and scopes did for accuracy.

SRG70 is the best of two materials. It is a hybrid of 80 grit grip tape and synthetic rubber. SRG70 has the adhesive strength of the best grip tape available, which means it will stay on the gun without being permanent. There is no danger of damaging your firearm in the unlikely event that you would ever wish to remove it. The outer layer of rubber has the microscopic profile of 80 grit grip tape. What you see and feel is a finely stippled rubber surface and all without damaging your handgun. The difference in the way your handgun feels and handles is instantly apparent the first time you grip your handgun after installation. What's amazing is that something so thin and so light can produce such a dramatic difference and lasting impression. The SRG70 material is only 18/1,000ths of an inch thin. A dime is about 50/1,000ths. They don't feel like much when you first take them out of the package. But once they are installed, they practically come alive and the benefits will be readily apparent.

A Durometer (Shore A scale) is the measure of the hardness (or softness) of materials such as soft rubbers. - A rubber band is about 20 Shore A Durometers. - A pencil eraser is about 40. - Our GusGrips MAX-R Rubber Grip Enhancements are about 40. - A car tire is about 60. - A jogging shoe is about 70. - SRG70 is about 70 Shore A Durometers.

SRG70 is well suited for all applications, such as, Concealed Carry, Competition, Range Shooting, Plinking, etc.

The benefits of this product are numerous. SRG70 will provide, a Faster Draw, Positive Retention, Unparalleled Control, Better Accuracy, Faster Follow Up Shots, and More Confidence With Your Handgun In Any Situation. If you're used to handling your handgun without grip enhancements, give SRG70 Grip Enhancements a try. Order now. Install them and see for yourself. We are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase.
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"These are the best grips you'll ever find fer yer pistol!"

Our Custom Manufactured Laser-Cut Grip Enhancements Will Give You Unparalleled Control And Confidence With Your Polymer Framed Handgun In Any Situation

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