60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Email: customer.service@sand-paper-pistol-grips.com
Sand-Paper-Pistol-Grips.com wants to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our products and service.  If you are not, and you wish to receive a refund, we will return your original purchase price up to 60 days after our original ship date, provided the conditions below are met.  To request a refund, simply follow these steps:
1. Send us an email or use our contact form explaining why you are dissatisfied.
2. Remove the grip enhancements, stick'm to a sheet of paper, and mail them back to us postage-paid.
    (PayPal does not allow a refund of the cost + a postage concession.  Only the original amount
     can be refunded.) Returns must arrive before the end of the 60th day from shipping date.
3. After receiving the explanation and the returned product(s), we will issue a refund without
    any further action on your part.
No other warranty or guarantee is either expressed or implied.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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"These are the best grips you'll ever find fer yer pistol!"

Our Custom Manufactured Laser-Cut Grip Enhancements Will Give You Unparalleled Control And Confidence With Your Polymer Framed Handgun In Any Situation

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