Image of Ruger P95DC, Ruger P95 with grip enhancements.
"These are the best grips you'll ever find fer yer pistol!"
Our grips provide unparalleled positive grip of any firearm, whether your hands are wet, dry, oily, sweaty, muddy, it doesn't matter.  They are easy to install and will not add any appreciable bulk to your grip.  They are durable and will last potentially for many years.  The granulate material will not flake off and get into the inner workings of your handgun or your clothing.  Better grip = Positive weapon acquisition(drawing) and retention, better control, better accuracy, faster follow up shots, and more confidence with your firearm in any situation.

RAW 80 Grit Grip Enhancements

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Our Custom Manufactured Laser-Cut Grip Enhancements Will Give You Unparalleled Control And Confidence With Your Polymer Framed Handgun In Any Situation

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