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"These are the best grips you'll ever find fer yer pistol!"
Bud S. from Pennsylvania - November 4, 2013
The grips arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you for your incredible response in addressing my concern.  Itís a rare experience to deal with a company with such great support for their products.  I love your rubber grips, but I have to say that your Gusgrips are beyond any grip material that I have ever seen.  As soon as I felt that material, I had to change out the rubber grips for the Gusgrips.  Wow!  Talk about tractionÖ They just weld your hand to the grip!  I was very pleased to leave a 5 star review on Amazonís website for both the rubber grips and Gusgrips.
Jon from Connecticut - August 14, 2013
Just received my order for my S&W Shield. WOW!  It feels like a glove placing better shots down range with my 9mm Shield grouping a lot tighter. I also had a chance to talk to the owner.  Very nice conversation.  Really cares about his product he's putting out there and he owns a Shield too.  Can't go wrong. GOOD LUCK!
Matthew S. from Iowa - September 25, 2013 (Contact conversation from ebay)
I didn't even bother with the textured rubber. The other grips are amazing! (GusGrips MAX-R) It must be some kind of alien technology, cuz there's no way itís from Earth. I have yet to shoot it with a wet hand or completely submerged but the way it shot dry I can't imagine anything will compromise the shooters purchase on the pistol. Iíll hit you back after I water test it. Please tell me where I can leave you feed back or a review or something. People gotta know how amazing these are.  (You can do it right here Matthew!)
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